5 Classic Birthday Songs

  1. So we know sometimes we have to celebrate our birthdays with the fam, coworkers, the church fam…so we may not be able to bust out our Ratchet BDay Playlist so instead we rely on the classic (read: PG-13) birthday songs.

  2. I mean this may not be the list for the church fam (we’ll post that one soon) but you can definitely get away with playin gthese songs in front of your mama and coworkers.  Then later…you can really turn up for The Birthday Lifestyle celebration.

  3. 1. Happy Birthday to you- Stevie Wonder

  4. stevie

  5. 2. Birthday – Selena Gomez

  6. giphy-1
  7. 3. Birthday – Destiny’s Child

  8. giphy-2
  9. 4. Classic Happy Birthday

  10. giphy
  11. 5. Good Life – Kanye West

  12. giphy-3

What’s your favorite celebration song to play around your mama ‘nem?


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